COVID-19 has put to test the resilience of enterprise supply chains as disruptions and disengagements in supply started impacting top and bottom-line revenues for many organizations. CXOs and application leaders are re-imagining supply chain efficiencies in the new normal with a connected planning approach that adopts cloud-based platforms such as Anaplan.

This blog dives into some of the typical challenges of COVID times and discusses how organizations are working to minimize supply chain disruptions by leveraging three key elements – Governance and Security, Connected Planning, and Ecosystem Partners. With these, organizations are looking at achieving new supply chain efficiencies through stronger operations, integrated processes across the business functions of Finance, Sales, Supply chain, Marketing, and HR, and quicker and better decision-making.

The blog also features the Case Study of a global, beverage company that successfully applied connected planning to move their bottling plants to 70 independent companies, amidst stringent timelines.