Data Engineering Practice

We are emerging leaders providing services, solutions, and products relating to market trending data and analytics technologies. Our ready-to-deploy solutions, platform experience, and technology-focused data engineering, AI/ML, and data virtualization capability help our clients to utilize the right data insights empowering their growing business needs.

We offer strategic consulting, managed & manned services, support across banking, technology, and retail verticals. Our tech-savvy team of experts is on a constant search for new ideas that disrupt the industry domains.

Our big data and analytics practice is focused to enable our clients with the right ways to make decisions, help to operate more efficiently and utilize their resources wisely. We work closely with our clients to implement big data infrastructures that leverage and extend their current or build new IT infrastructure with the lowest possible TCO. Our big data expertise and solutions help our clients to get an edge over the competition and desirable user experience to their customers.


How we can help organizations

  • Power your big data architecture
  • Create more efficient storage and retrieval of big data
  • Apply structured business rules to your data
  • Implement data warehouses, whether focused or enterprise-wide
  • Implement the use of data lakes
  • Enable AI/ML services to enable the desired outcome
  • Build intuitive, insightful reports and visualizations
  • Shape and optimize your data

Our Key Service Offerings

Data Consulting service

  • Defining an Enterprise Data strategy
  • Defining Analytics Roadmap
  • Data Consolidation Strategy
  • Cloud Data Migration Strategy

Data Ops

  • Data Lake and RDBMS Management
  • DBA Services
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Support

Data Governance Services

  • Data Governance & Data Policies
  • Implementing Data Ownership and Access Policies
  • Data Security Audits

Data Infrastructure Services

  • Data Lake Design and Implementation
  • Multiple Models Deployments (Cloud, on-prem, and hybrid)
  • Real-Time and Batch Data Processing
  • Data Virtualization
  • AI/ML Date Processing
  • Analytics & Dashboards

Data Engineering Services

  • Data Pipeline Design and Development (ETL/ELT)
  • Data Products Design and Development with APIs
  • DQM (Data Quality Management)
  • Data Migration and Modernization
  • Data Store Design and Maintenance
  • Data Assurance

Our Differentiators

• Data Science and Analytics Focus
• Workload-Centric Architecture Designs
• Data Engineering Accelerators
• World-Class Engineering Services
• Global Talent Pool
• Flexible Engagement Model

Data Engineering workflow