Solutions Highlights

Our Direct Procurement Collaboration Solution discover hidden opportunities across global supplier sourcingand purchasing plans to drive quantifiable cost savings and achieve new efficiencies with our client businesses. We enable Procurement leaders to perform fast-tracking digital transformation initiatives to give their teams the tools to deal with increased complexity and ongoing uncertainty.Our advanced procurement planning platforms is bringing the breadth of procurement systems together in one place, opening the door to cost savings and efficiencies in two important ways:

  • Multi-enterprise visibility into global procurement data

  • Streamlined procurement processes

Solutions Highlights

  • Improved procurement effectiveness and process performance with a comprehensive sourcing strategy and decision making

  • Quickly address changes in capacity, for example, by recognizing where inventory could be reallocated to avert a shortage

  • Make more informed decisions by factoring in data from a broader range of internal and external sources, from sales forecasts and vendor inputs to social media and industry and government tracking.

  • Enablecollaborative decision making and value creation across your supplier ecosystem through the real-time exchange of pricing, inventory, capacity, logistics, quality, risk, and other data required to effectively run your operations.