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Transforming Sales by improving sales execution and operational efficiency

Veear Analytic’s SPM Solution helps your organization operate as an efficient, profitable sales machine by using your data effectively, aligning teams, and continuously analyzing and tweaking plans and forecasting as needed.

Our Solutions provides a cloud platform for Sales & Marketing Performance Management Solutions which help businesses enhance their sales performance.

Our Anaplan based Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Solutions lets you connect your marketing spending and resource strategy to performance and corporate objectives.

Connecting people and data and enabling real-time planning and analytics on the go, our range of solutions transform sales & marketing performance, seamlessly managing corporate revenue expectations.

By using marketing performance management (MPM) to predict and optimize the impacts of marketing activity on sales revenue, marketers can plan campaign spending and assign resources that most move the bottom line.

With the Anaplan platform, you can define and track campaign success, instantly calculating predicted revenue from performance metrics like funnel conversion rates, deal size, and resources.

Solutions Highlights

  • Sales Productivity Increased

  • Consistent & Transparent Reporting

  • Automated Target Setting

  • Predictive Account Prioritization

  • Optimized market coverage leveraging predictive insights

Solutions Offering

  • Flexible Master Data Modeling using Multi-Level Product & Customer hierarchy

  • Basic and Advanced Statistical Forecasting with Auto best-pick models

  • Automatic Outlier correction to smoothen abnormalities in historical data

  • Exception Forecasting using Product and Customer segmentation based on Volume, Variability, Margin, Revenue and Build strategy

  • Direct Sell-In & Distributor/ Channel Sell-Thru Unit & Revenue Forecast.

  • High accuracy Channel Forecast thru advanced Machine Learning of POS

  • Marketing, NPI/EOL Product Life Cycle Management and Promotional Planning