Solutions Highlights

Empowering businesses to respond faster in an ever-changing world.

Our Solutions offers better alignment between strategy, planning and execution leading to more satisfied customers, collaborative suppliers and improved financial metrics needs a more robust coordination and decision-making process which can respond to unplanned events as well as drive the month over month cadence of Demand, Supply, Inventory and Financial balance. This balance is needed not only within the four walls of the organization but across the extended network of customers, contract manufacturers, suppliers, and other partners. This coordination process called Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) a.k.a Integrated Business Planning will need to function at the core of the organization with executive involvement and their stewardship.

Our Supply Chain solutions are cloud based that augments existing SCM/ERP software portfolio to enable this process coordination, end-to-end demand visibility, rapid sense-response and increased network collaboration.

Years of thought leadership is designed into the architectural plan and easy to use for the skills of a human to be effectively put in to use and for decision making.

Solutions Highlights

  • Volume and Mix Level Forecast Accuracy MAPE, MAD, WMAPE

  • Forecast Bias, Summary of delta change between previous & current month-over-month/ week-over-week forecast and Waterfall Chart

  • Current and Prior period Forecast Snapshots |User configurable role based dash boards and reports such as Book-to-Bill ratio

  • Turns %, Backlog Coverage, % to AOP

  • Major Account Drivers & Impacts

  • Visualization of data in cross-tab and graphical format that includes regional breakdown to roles and levels of responsibility

  • Demand-Supply-Revenue balance analytics

  • Margin analysis & gap to AOP based on actuals and forecast