The employees are the backbone of every company and one bad hire can severely impact the organization. It depends on several factors like industry type, employee salary, recruiting resources, onboarding and training, lost productivity, etc. A bad hire can impact the overall productivity, company culture and reputation. So, it’s better to consult a recruitment agency.


Recruitment agencies provide the following benefits for you:

  • Recruitment agencies are free of cost for candidates.
  • Recruitment agencies have a good knowledge of the labour market.
  • Recruitment agencies have partnership with the clients and have a large network. Therefore, they will often quickly get you in touch with interesting clients and projects.
  • Recruitment agencies have access to job openings that aren’t available on other job sites.
  • Recruitment agencies follow up on your behalf.
  • And they save your time.

A recruitment agency communicates with both employers and job seekers. They find out the job vacancies which are available, they provide support to the candidates as well as the clients. As a candidate, you will receive feedback on your application and how to improve yourself. If you are an employer, recruitment agencies help to ease your recruitment problems. Using a recruitment agency can speed up the time it takes to find a new employee. It handles the whole process. They are very professional, well organized and quick to respond. If you’re a candidate, they communicate with the employer on your behalf. Agency recruiters are experts in candidate selection and they shortlist the best.

Types of recruitments

Full-time Hire or Direct hire positions are permanent, usually with the benefits. A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes the staffing company to seek out the talent, then hires them directly. A candidate offered a direct hire position isn’t an employee of the staffing company, but goes directly on the client company payroll.

In this case, an individual is hired for a temporary period ( usually 6 months ). At the end of the period, the employee might be chosen for full time position based on his work accomplishments. This benefits the job seekers as well as the companies.

A temporary employee is generally considered an associate of the staffing agency and paid by the staffing agency. Typically, this is a position that is not permanent and has a specific time frame attached to it. This position is offered only when there is a temporary need for support and it usually isn’t with the benefits.

Contract work is the same as Temporary except in most cases the candidate is aware that the assignment offered is for a set period of time.