Program Management Service

Powering your Business Transformation

For more than four decades, VeeAR has had project management at its core. We have managed some of the world’s most complex projects, driven the development and adoption of global project management standards, and accrued a vast amount of client and industry-domain knowledge.

This experience has played a central role in the development of PMO COE services as customizable and value-driven solutions. With PMO COE services, ELS CBO’s ProjectManagement Office can become a more strategic element of its business by focusing on innovation, organizational change management, and stakeholder engagement. Our PMOCOE Service essentially facilitates a more agile, responsive enterprise.

Our Methodology


In our PMO Centre of Excellence, the PMO team ensures that plans, dependencies, risks and issues, changes, project documentation, quality, and costs are managed in a controlled manner.

We also ensure that progress and exceptions are objectively reported to the relevant governing body and stakeholders. This is done in a timely and consistent manner through the project workspace and regular face-to-face or online meetings with stakeholders.

We provide you with highly experienced project managers, project coordinators, trainers, content managers, change managers, and in addition subject matter experts (SMEs), business analysts, and specialists located in globally diverse delivery centers to effectively guide, manage and support high-visibility initiatives. We also offer flexible staffing levels to support variations in your project workload.

Program Operation Excellence


With VeeAR’s Center of Operational Project Excellence (COPE), we provide day-to-day Project Management Office (PMO) support to strengthen your project fundamentals needed to manage the complexity of business transformations. Our team supports you with day-to-day project management to strengthen project fundamentals. We implement best-practice (technology) tools, templates and processes.

We develop realistic and thorough project plans to keep track of the ultimate project goal.
Reporting & governance
Using the planning as basis, we establish project/ program governance structure and inform the stakeholders inside and outside this structure on the project/program status.
Financial, and budget
Ensuring that the project/program budget is not exceeded by use of detailed tracking of the financials in combination with the foreseen benefits.
Risk and issue management

we identify, categorize and evaluate potentials risks that may among other influence the ultimate project/program goal



Quality management standards and controls:

Reach and maintain the highest quality by creating a quality management plan and develop processes in order to monitor and control this standard



Resourcing, onboarding & knowledge transfer

By developing structured on- and off-boarding and knowledge sharing processes we achieve a constant flow of knowledge transfer and insights in all recourses



PMO Strategy & Phases


Our PMO COE offering is easily applicable to all industry sectors and across all business functions. Our domain specialists have a deep understanding of their areas of expertise and can help to determine the appropriate business outcomes that you need.

DISCOVER Organization Assessment

Process Maturity Analysis

Integration Framework

Collaboration Model Roadmap


PLAN Program Operating Model

Integration Governance

Supplier Roles/Responsibilities

Program/Project Plans Socialization


OPERATE Implement Operating Model

Implement Governance

Execute Program/Project Plans

Monitor Change Management


SUSTAIN Refine Program/Project Plans

Organizational Change Management

Monitor and Report

Our differentiators:


VeeAR’s PMO COE provides:

  • Direct end-to-end project support from a project management team that takes full control and responsibility for the project
  • Indirect support through the adoption of project management methodologies, templates and tools and the provision of project execution assistance
  • Education on the use of the processes, templates and project workspace, coaching on individual projects and assistance in addressing challenging projects
  • Development, maintenance, and storage of project templates and/or project documentation

Organization advantages

Access to a team of experienced program managers:

Outsourcing program management to a third-party provider gives organizations access to a team of experienced program managers who have the skills and expertise to manage complex programs effectively.

Improved efficiency and cost savings:

By outsourcing program management, organizations can reduce the burden on internal resources, freeing up time and money that can be invested in other areas of the business.

Improved flexibility and scalability:

Managed program services providers are typically able to adapt to the changing needs of their clients, allowing organizations to scale up or down their program management capabilities as needed.

Improved risk management:

A managed program services provider can help organizations identify and mitigate potential risks associated with a program, thus reducing the overall risk of the program.

Increased focus on core competencies:

By outsourcing program management, organizations can focus on their core competencies, such as product development or sales, rather than dedicating valuable time and resources to program management.