To stay competitive in the stiff business environment, enterprises are quickly adopting newer technologies that drive innovation and stay responsive to changing market conditions.

At Veear Projects, we help enterprises accelerate business transformation through smart, secure, and connected digital products and technologies that ensure seamless experience across devices and platforms. Our agile, focused and world-class solutions help enterprises drive customer-centric engagements, improve their time to market, and stay future-ready.

Veear Product Engineering Services – flexible, scalable, ready-to-use

As a global engineering service provider (ESP), Veear Projects help enterprises develop robust technologies for their multi-faceted business needs.Thanks to our strong technical expertise, experience in different technologies and state-of-the-art solutions, over the years, we have provided our exceptional result-oriented services to many companies across the product ecosystem. We can help you implement agile technologies and big data infrastructures into your existing, under-development as well as futuristic products for growth and maximum customer interactions. Our core offerings include:

Product Development

We leverage our proven engineering frameworks to support your entire product lifecycle journey, right from conceptualization to deployment. We offer customized, ready-to-deploy, technology-focused solutions to help you accelerate business transformation across platforms, devices, consumer solutions, data technologies, and Internet of Things.

Product Enhancement

We help enterprises embrace newer technologies and adopt new-age business models. From custom engineering new software to integrating new technologies and enhancing system interoperability, we help organizations innovate their existing product portfolio, as per the nuances and dynamics of the market. We provide:

  • Gap analysis

  • Product upgradation

  • Feature integration

  • Product transition

  • Change release management

  • SaaS, Web, and Mobile enablement

Legacy Product Transformation

While enabling digital transformation, we do not leave your legacy systems behind. Our product engineering experts re-engineer and re-design your legacy applications and move them to newer technology platforms. Our product development solutions ensure smooth transitioning of your data, databases, applications and more for technology-agnostic solutions that scale with time.

New-Age Process Adoption

We help enterprises adopt new-age platforms and technologies that help them re-imagine and reinvent their futures. By leveraging DevOps pilot framework and tool stack construction, we create a strong open house ecosystem that can help you createsoftware-driven products and experiences that are agile, scalable, and can connect with your customers.

Strategic Partnerships

We team up with industry leaders to provide you with platforms and solutions that accelerate your product development lifecycle.

Why Choose Us?

  • 500+ Product releases

  • Proactive solution-driven approach

  • Proven engineering frameworks

  • Performance-driven development

  • Agile methodology

  • Quick turnaround time

Client testimonial

Veear’s software-led engineering services have helped us streamline our processes and maximize our reach. They have not only refurbished our legacy apps but have also helped us strategically adopt newer technologies.

The Key Differentiators

  • High-end software products that support multiple platforms, technologies, business models, devices and interfaces.

  • State-of-art engineering processes that are flexible, scalable, and fully adaptable.

  • Deep domain expertisethat ensures future-ready developments.

  • Wider technologies skills that effortlessly comply to your diverse global business requirementsand ensure maximum ROI.

Ready to get started?

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