Hiring, training, and developing resourcesin-house is an extremely expensive affair. After all, it calls for a lot of time, resources andcapital.That’s why, today most of the organizations have started outsourcing hire, train and develop (HTD) services to experts like us who strive to bridge the gap between organizations and technically trained freshers.

We help enterprises recruit perfectly trained individuals who are ready to take on the projects right from the day they join the organization.We are powered by highly experienced and certified trainers who not only select the talented pool of individuals but also train, refine, and empower them to take all organizational challenges heads-on. We leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest technologies to polish your teams and fresh recruits and make them a perfect fit for your organization.

Our Approach

As your premium recruitment partner, we follow a truly consultative approach to help youfind, attract, and hire the right talent with right background and the right skillsets. We carefully handpick and rigorously train the selected candidates to bring them at par with the industry standards. Our experts extensively understand your business requirements and provided you with highly educated and extensively trained resources that are ready to be deployed on customized tasks and projects right from day one.


  • Faster resource identification & allocation

  • Instant access to qualified, extensively trained experts

  • No upfront investment

  • Quick onboarding of talented resources

  • Reduced overhead costs

  • Customized training solutions

  • Reduced attrition

Veear’s Recruiting Process


We find, source, and select graduates, scholars, and mid-level experienced professionals from prestigious academic institutions and cross organizations.


We rigorously train the candidates to hon their skills and technical prowess. Our experts and coaches train the selected candidates for a period of 4-6 weeks and customize the schedule as well the training module as your specific business requirements.

While doing so, they continuous monitor the progress of the candidate to make sure he/she is meeting the required expectations.


After the successful completion of the classroom training, the trainees are further deployed in on-job-training to improve and enhance their technical skills.

Why Choose Us?

  • 15+ Years of experience

  • Business-centric recruitment model

  • Global acquisition capabilities

  • Access to latest recruitment solutions & technologies

  • 100+ customers served

  • 10,000+ active profiles globally

  • Competitive pricing

  • Reliable support & service

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