From master suppliers to vendors to the temporary staff, your contingent workforce is a complex network of people that need to be actively monitored and efficiently managed.

At Veear Projects, we strive to be your partner in vendor recruitment and management. Leveraging our years of experience and deep industrial knowledge, we help you to structure and manage your company’s staffing providers, making sure that the entire vendor management process runs smoothly and efficiently, without any interruption or business disruption.

Our guided services allow you to eliminate unnecessary expenses incurred on managing multiple portfolio of suppliers and can save you from a lot of legal hassles too.

Our Approach

Our expert team of recruiters can help you manage the entire scope of recruitment supply. We use state-of-the-art tools, technologies, processes, and dashboards to help you efficiently manage your large pool of vendors.Right from their hiring to the management of their administrative tasks, supervising their workflow, and providing them with the required system support, we do it all, allowing you to streamline the functioning and operations of your vendors, across departments, processes, and locations.

We act as your single one point of contact and define a single process of compliance so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of managing multiple supplier portfolios.

Veear’s Recruiting Process

As your onsite recruitment consultant, we help you attract the right candidates at all times, whether they are temporary or permanent.Our process includes:

  • Understanding your business requirements

  • Sourcing the best talent

  • Screening the top performers and performing their background checks

  • Scheduling interviews

  • Coordinating and managing all the after recruitment process

  • 6Signing contracts and managing all the administrative tasks.

The Benefits

Our Master Vendor Services can help you reap the following benefits:

  • A single window to manage and coordinate your multiple manpower vendors

  • Efficient management of contracts and tenures

  • High level of transparency

  • Increased accountability

  • Extreme accuracy in billing and invoice generation

  • Consistent service delivery

  • Reduced liabilities and unmatched cost savings

  • Improved workforce productivity

  • Substantial time saving

  • Seamless access to extensive database of candidates

  • Streamlined administrative processes

  • Strict compliance to rules and regulations

  • Complete training and guidance

  • Effective reporting and data analytics for informed decision making

  • Significant financial savings through appreciable discounts

  • Complete support during peak and off-season

Why Choose Us?

  • 15+ years of experience

  • Global acquisition capabilities

  • Personalized solutions & services

  • Efficient reporting & data management capabilities

  • Transparent pricing & policies

  • Business-centric recruitment model

  • Competency-driven approach

  • Hassle-free support

Let’s Get in Touch!

As your trusted master vendor services provider, we take complete responsibility of managing your staff and their administration. Our flexible services and competitive pricing models make our services easily available and extremely affordable. Get in touch with us to know our personalized services can help you with all your recruitment activities.